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Testimonial of the Heart

“I have gone to Tara just months after the passing of my son. I was a bit suspicious at first so I decided to not speak or share any information with her for fear that she would just go on what I would tell her. Tara was able to, right away, before I even had time to sit down, hone in on my son’s presence. My father as well, (my father passed away the year before) and told me that my son wanted to reassure me that my dad was there to greet him upon his immediate passing. I often wondered about this. (Although my dad loved all of his grand children, he always had a special bond with him because my children were the only ones spending entire summers with their grandparents.). She had my full attention after that.

My son was in a foreign country when he passed but her description of how he passed matched the preliminary findings to a T. She also was able to describe his personality and share information of how he felt about his relationships with family members (which concurs perfectly with what I know of my son). Through him, she was able to give me information on my daughter’s wedding and impending pregnancy. (My daughter was not even engaged or dating at that time). Tara said that it would all happen very quickly, within six months. My daughter met her husband and became expectant within 4 months of the reading. She was also able to describe her future husband features, once again, to a T. and also what he did for a living. When I personally got to meet him, I was just amazed and I must say, my mouth dropped. Tara also channeled messages that my son wanted to pass on to his best friend. She not only gave me the name of his friend but that of other people that would prove to come into my life shortly thereafter. For someone like me, having had suffered as tragic a loss as that of a child, being able to feel confident that the reader is honest and with integrity in the messages that are being brought through brings such healing and confirmation that death is nothing more than a “right of passage,” that Love never dies but is a constant energy that transcends this life and others and that we can connect with those who are no longer in the physical.

I know it has brought me and my daughter, healing, comfort and peace. I will certainly continue to see Tara, because to me, it is part of my personal “therapy”. Without abusing it, each time brings me new messages, new hope and at times new reasons to go on. I share this with no one because it is such a gift that I would truly be crushed if someone ridiculed it. But I write about my experience with Tara because of her dedication to those who seek communication for healing and comfort, not for a game or a fade. Tara’s approach is natural. She just listens and connects very deeply with those she channels so don’t be surprised if she cries with you. You will feel the Love.”
                                                  .M.H. CA

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