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Star Formation

        Intuitive Insight

I'm a genuine and caring  clairvoyant. I give uplifting guidance, clarity and insight using my natural intuitive abilities. I provide specific details and have a reputation for being very accurate.

 (giving wow factors) I hone in on each clients energy; based on their energy, goals and individual needs. I assist with their personal healing and self growth.


I feel honored to help people as a medium by channeling messages from their loved ones who have crossed over. I have seen how much validation, peace, hope and meaning it brings beyond words.

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Psychic parties and events

I specialize in doing readings for all types of parties and events. I have been doing readings for parties for over 20 years. I love being a part of the festivities and interacting with people in heart warming, fun, meaningful and memorable ways. I do a combination of different types of readings that are uplifting and inspirational (awe moments) I love to entertain and connect with the guests. I  can dress up  mystical or to match a theme.

Animal communication


I am an animal communicator and I love working with people’s fur babies. They are so receptive to it. I help animals express how they are feeling and tune into their health needs .

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I'm a numerologist. I help people understand their life  path and purpose, and what they were destined to come here for, and experience on their personal journey. I also validate what’s happening and what's to come for their personal yearly cycle.  

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