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About Tara



Tara is an honest, ethical, caring spiritual counselor, intuitive, medium, medical intuitive, numerologist, and animal communicator with a background in the healing arts. She's been helping people with her clairvoy abilities professionally for over 20 years. 

                    Tara’s Accomplishments:

  • Read for over one hundred different types of parties and events           

  • Assisted law officials in solving crimes

  • Volunteered to help a detective find missing children

  • Wrote the Q. and A. Columns for Zodi Habit magazine

  • Predicted what was to come intuitively and astrologically in Lady Lux magazine

  • Was featured and listed under Best Psychics of Orange County in Orange cost magazine 

  • was interviewed for the Orange County Registers Web-tv -The juice 

  • Was interviewed and written up as "one of O.C’s hottest" (best) psychics for the Orange County Registers – The Juice Blog

  • Has been interviewed  in Voyage LA, Shout out LA, and Canvas Rebel Magazines

  •  Appeared on the internet and radio show Nobody Likes Onions, hosted by stand up comedian Patrick Melton. 

  • Was Interviewed on television shows, such as Rain Making Time, and The Let It Shine Show, and read for the cast of the Venice Beach Freak show

  • Has read  for celebrities 

  • Read for Events for Christian Dior, Ted Baker  Pac Sun, Tillys, Volcom, and Warner Bros

  • Read for celebratory events for Amazon and MGM  for the movie Salt Burn and a movie launch party for the Blue Rose

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