My purpose is to give you honest & sincere guidance. I will also be there to listen with open arms. I will assist you in any way I can support your spiritual growth.

I can give you advice and direction in all aspects such as:

• Love, romance, dating, marriage
• Career and job opportunities
• Money and financial advice
• Direction regarding legal matters
• Investments and loans
• Health and wellness
• Locating loved ones
• Channeling loved ones on the other side
• Advice in making important and urgent decisions
• Moving to a new home or location
• Travel plans & ideas
• Animal communication
• Inspirational thoughts and exercises
• Manifesting what you desire
• Healing the past & creating a blissful future
• Awareness of what is holding you back emotionally and spiritually
• Answer questions about past lives
• Questions about numerology and astrology
• Validation regarding subjects and situations
• Any and all questions about the past, present & future

Everyone’s reading will be different depending on the individual’s needs and personality. We all have different goals and purposes.

Tara will pick up what she gets and you may discover exciting new things about your inner self.

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